Point Defects in Si and SiGe

The Physics of Group IV Semiconductors

Workshop 2003

UK Diamond Research

Information For Presentations

For information regarding the conference proceedings please see the call for papers page.

Oral Presentations

A data projector and P.C. running Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat will be available. Participants are asked to copy their talks onto the P.C.'s hard drive and ensure the slides show correctly during the break before their talk. For morning talks before coffee we ask that participants do this on the previous day.

An overhead projector and white board with marker pens will also be available.

We ask participants to supply the conference organisers with an electronic copy of their slides (pdf is preferred but we will accept PowerPoint format). With the author's consent these will be placed on the web for people to view after the conference.

Poster Presentations

Poster boards will be 6' tall and 4' wide (1.8 x 1.2 m).

The posters will be attached to the boards using Velcro which will be supplied at the conference.

Additional Requirements

Should you require any additional visual aids please contact one of the local organisers who will be able to assist you.

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