Point Defects in Si and SiGe

The Physics of Group IV Semiconductors

Workshop 2003

UK Diamond Research

Cost and Payment


It is hoped that students who are members of a) the UK Diamond Research Network or b) the Network on Point Defects in Silicon and Silicon-Germanium will have the cost paid by the network. For post-docs who are members of one of these networks it is hoped that the cost will be substantially subsidised. It is your responsibility to contact a) Alison Mainwood or b) Jan Evans-Freeman to confirm this BEFORE you register.

The cost of the workshop is £288.89 if this is paid before 7 March 2003. This assumes that you will be staying in standard accommodation from Sunday 6th checking out on Thursday 10th and includes all meals.

If en suite accommodation is required or you require accommodation for a shorter period please refer to the Attendance and Accommodation Details section of the registration form which will calculate the correct cost for you.

Attendees are reminded that accommodation is available for longer periods at a special rate and arrangements can also be made for those wishing to bring partners. Please contact one of the local organisers if you require more information.

Payment Details

Payment can be made in several ways:

Cancellations before the early registration date will result in a full refund, minus any bank charges. No refund can be guaranteed after this date.

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