Point Defects in Si and SiGe

The Physics of Group IV Semiconductors

Workshop 2003

UK Diamond Research

Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings will be published by the Institute of Physics in the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. Workshop participants will be invited to contribute papers. The deadline for abstracts has been set as 21 February 2003. Most will be presented as posters, but a few will be picked out as particularly promising, interesting or relevant and will be presented orally.

Participants who have agreed to provide an article for the proceedings should submit to the conference organisers three hard copies, a completed submission form (PDF) and a completed assignment of copyright form (PDF, HTML).

Note that a camera-ready copy is not required, but an electronic version in Word or LaTeX will be necessary after the referral process. The preferred formats for figures are Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) and TIFF (.tif). LaTeX users should download and use the IOP class file when writing their article.

For more details please read the IOP instructions for authors.

Note that you should not submit the copyright form or the manuscript to the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, but directly to the workshop organisers.

It is planned to involve participants at the workshop in the refereeing process, in order to guarantee an early publication date. The referee's report form is also online (PDF).

Abstract Submission

Abstracts can be submitted either during registration or the via the form below.

Completion of this form does not count as a registration for the conference - this must be done via the online registration form.

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We expect that most of the contributed papers will be presented as posters, but a few will be selected by the organisers to be presented orally. Please check this box if you do NOT wish your paper to be considered for an oral presentation
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On successful submission of the abstract you will be shown an exact copy of the email sent to us. Please check carefully that the information sent is correct and complete. If you believe there is a problem with the submission of your abstract please email adey@excc.ex.ac.uk.


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